[originally published on Facebook December 27, 2020]

Love Letters to Friends

Over the last few years, I’ve started writing love letters to friends to tell them what I appreciate about them. It feels so good to give someone I love an enduring expression of what they mean to me — showing them that they matter deeply to me, that I see the beauty they bring to this world.

I was inspired to write another such letter today during my weekly session with my friend Dan, where we do something nice for someone else. We were talking about how we check our social media and messaging apps sometimes to remind ourselves that we matter, and I wanted to give the gift of “mattering” to someone who’s really supported me in this difficult, lonely year.

As we exit this incredibly challenging year, if you’re looking for something easy and meaningful that puts positive energy into the world, tell someone what you see in them and the joy they’ve brought to your life.

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